Egg Drop Soup

After a while of seeing recipes for egg drop soups on multiple blogs, I had to give it a try myself. I am not dissapointed!

40g egg whites (that’s the size of my containers, it yields 1 1/4 egg white)

1/4 bouillion cube

approx 300g water

seasoning of your choice. I used a bit of chili pepper and ginger (optional)

Put egg whites in to a cup a beat lightly with a fork. Boil water and bouillion until the cube is dissolved in the water.

Turn down heat until broth is standing (it’s important that it’s not frothing or bubbling). Carefully add egg whites, then quickly start stirring with a fork for about 3 minutes (or more) until the eggs has become clearly defined noodles. It might take a little pratice to get those cleary defined noodles so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t suceed the first few times (it’s still just as yummy even if the eggs don’t look like noodles).

Take off heat and add your desired seasonings.

And there you have it; a delicious and very filling, low calorie meal.

Makes 1 serving, at 23 kcal


To make it a bit more exciting to eat, I added a bit of whatever vegetables I had lying around which happened to be some green bell pepper and spring onions and it tasted really delicious! So I added 14g green bell pepper (3) and 4g spring onion (1) bringing the calorie content of my soup to 32 kcal. Next time I might add a bit of mushrooms and some more spring onions to make it even more yummy.