Veggie Patties (Vegetarian Burgers)


20g rolled oats

75g water

45g onions

30 red bell pepper

30g green bell pepper

28g mushrooms

50g snap beans

12g wheat bran (you can also use ground Fiber One or other flours)

20g egg whites

1/2 tsp salt

a dash of pepper

How to:

Add 75g boiling water to oats and set aside.

In a large pot sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, cook vegetables for five minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Remove pot from heat and transfer veggies to a large bowl; allow to cool for several minutes (blot excess moisture with a paper towel).

Stir in oatmeal, wheat brean, salt and egg whites and 1 tsp water. Add pepper per your taste. Make sure mixture is well blended.

Form mixture into 2 balls and flatten into patties. Allow patties to cool and set in the fridge for at least 1 hour (I always forget to make them ahead and I find that there’s really no need for them to rest before moving forward to step five).

Cook patties on a skillet sprayed with nonstick cooking spray over medium heat (flip ’em gently so they keep their shape).

Makes 2 “burgers”, at 78 kcal each.

For extended nutritional information check:

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