The Lazy Girl Raw Fruit Pie


1 raw fruit and nut bar (I use a type called “Raw Bite” – the best ones available in Denmark in my opinion. It’s similar to US’ Larabars, I think)

1/2 (very) overipe banana

about 4 small/ medium strawberries

optional: chocolate spread or nut butter (I used sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread)

The crust:

Cut your chosen fruit & nut bar with a knife or break into little pieces by hand. Then use your hands to mash the pieces togeter into one big ball. Gently squezze the ball until it becomes a flat, round dicsc. Place on a plate and mold into a pie “crust”.

The filling:

The first step is optional (I did it because I need the extra calories, but you can easy skip this); Spread out a layer of chocolate spread or nut butter on the crust.

Mash the banan in a bowl using a spoon or fork – the banana will be so ripe you do not need to blend it. Scoop out balls of the mash and place in the middle of the crust (it should end in a top – looking a bit like half a tennis ball is popping out of the cake).

Half two of the strawberries and lay out at the edge of the cake. Cut the rest of the strawberries in quarters and start layering the cake until the banana mash is covered.

This truly is a delicious raw dessert for those days when you’re just too lazy to ground nuts, blend dates and wait for crusts and fillings to form in the freezer. This will take you probably a max. of ten minutes, but I promise you, you (almost) won’t be able to taste the difference between this lazy girl version and the “real thing”.

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