Annual Dolphin Slaughter in Taji, Japan

I struggled a lot with this post.

What to write. What to say. Should I even publish a post like this when it’s so far from what the subject of my blog is?

I knew the answer to that last question would have to be yes! I couldn’t let this event go unnoticed. I had to do what I could to spread the word, to influence the mind of people around the world – though I knew the amount of people I could influence would be a minimum, I just had to do.

September 1 marked the official start of the annual dolphin slaughter in taji, Japan.

I first became aware of this horrible event when wathcing The Cove as it first emerged on video shells around the world (apparently people didn’t find this important enough to make it run on the big screens in cinemas here in Denmark.

I watched The Cove and it touched me deeply. Being a person that has always cared a lot for animals, dolphins espeicially, I was horrified to see how cruel people can be. To me dolphins have always been beautiful, loving and care-free creatures. Seeing these divine and intelligent animals (even before they were heartlessly slaughtered) commit suicide out of unhapiness because they cannot bare to be held in capture – it brought tears to my eyes.

“their mothers and fathers and babies are slaughtered. they know that. they also know that they are soon to be dead. dolphins are intelligent, perhaps more intelligent than we believe. perhaps more intelligent than we think we are.” (julia)

Being a food blogger and not a personal blogger/ anything else, I didn’t want to create a big scare post for those of you not interesting in reading this when all you’re looking for is some inspiration food-wise but I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the eyes if I didn’t at least make a shout-out for those cruelties that are happening at this very moment. If you’re interesting in reading more I encourage you to visit Julia‘s blog for a post she did on the documentary about The Cove. I hope that you will take your time to read her post, but also visit this site to see what you can do to create conciouness around the world.

“We can shut down the cove”, Ric O’barry and Louis Psihoyos.

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