Breakfast: October, 29

My first attempt of making ‘bircher muesli’. Can’t say it was completely succesful. Inspired by a lovely woman behind the blog ‘SmarterFitterDaily

Bircher Muesli

35g oats

1/2 tsp flax seed

5g raisins

35g carrots, shredded

30g apple, shredded

Soak over night in enough water to cover everything. Optional add lemon juice from 1 wedge (I did this in the morning). The next morning add a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon.

13g banana, sliced

Coffee (not pictured)

Though it wasn’t all succesful, it definitely filled me up, at 184 kcal.

*Optional add-ins/substitues could be: dates, dried figs or prunes, almonds or other nuts, pear, berries, pomegranate seeds. Get creative or check out Monica’s blog ‘SmarterFitterDaily‘ for tons of inspiration.

Lunch: October, 28

Just some simple bread with different toppings

Pumpernickel bread with

9g sugar-free chocolate-hazelnut spread and

20g banana, sliced

1 piece of ‘helseklibrød’ rye cracker with

22g tomatoes sliced and

28g sauteed mushrooms topped with

3g spring onion + chive

Pumpernickel bread with

38g avocado and

11g tomatoes

A satisfying lunch plate, at 236 kcal.

Dinner: October, 25

Made salmon for the first time – ever! I’m not really a big fan of fish that taste (and smell!) like fish (if you know what I mean) so this was a big challenge for me. I think I did quite good.

Curry-Roasted Vegetables

100g carrots

100g cabbage (I used chinese cabbage)

50g red onion

100g squash

60 green bell pepper

1 tbsp soya sauce 

1/2 tsp curry

Stir-fry carrots, cabbage and red onion for a little while, then add zucchini and bell pepper.

Let simmer for about 2-3 minutes (the vegetables should still be crisp!)

Season with soya sauce, salt, pepper, and curry.

Makes two servings, at 56 kcal each.

54g salmon fillet with spices (chili, garlic etc. – bought in ‘Irma), oven-baked

Cooked this lovely meal with my mother today since we was home alone, at 136 kcal.

Breakfast: October, 25

Still struggling to eat and stuff so please excuse me for not updating so often at the moment. Here’s what I had for breakfast today:

Leek and Broccoli Stuffed Omelet

Leek (23g) and broccoli (36g) roasted on a pan.

Then added 1 egg and 40g egg whites (that’s what my containers hold) lightly beaten together with a bit of water and salt, pepper and thyme and cooked until done. (Do not, I repeat do not burn it like I did. It would have made a heavenly good omelet if half of it hadn’t tasted slightly burned…). Finished off by garnishing with a bit of fresh coriander leaves.

70g cucumber

100g soy yogurt with forest fruits (not pictured)

Green tea

For the first time in quite a while I was not in the mood for a bowl of breakfast, at 199 kcal.


Have now tried the same recipe but with some sliced red and green bell pepper too. And I must say it just made to omelet even yummy-er. Especially topped with sautéed mushrooms and red onion.

Bali Soup

This soup is nice and spicy with chili and lots of lovely herbs and spices. The perfect winter-y soup. From a danish cookbook called “Sundt men Godt” by Dorte Asbjørn.


3 stalks leeks (300g)

380g carrots

1 small red bell pepper (100g)

1 small red chili pepper

300g chicken (breasts, no skin)

2 tsp ginger, ground

1 heaping tsp paprika, ground

1 tsp turmeric

100 ml coconut milk light

1 liter water + 1 chicken bouillon cube

Cut up all the vegetables and chili. I sliced the leeks and carrots, cut the bell pepper in stalks and finely chopped the chili pepper.

In a large pan sauté leeks, carrots, bell pepper and chili for a short amount of time. They should not be browned.

Add the chicken and sauté for a little while longer until the chicken turns white. Again it should not fry so long that it browns.

Finally add spices and chicken stock water and let boil.

Turn down the heat and let it simmer for about 5 minutes then season with salt and pepper.

Garnish with fresh coriander when serving. Enjoy!

Makes 4 servings, at 207 kcal.


I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve been thinking about serving the soup on top of  bulgur, barley or whole grain rice for more fiber. Also cooking adding cooked chickpeas when soup is simmering might be nice and will add some more protein. Cooking the soup with chickpeas instead of chicken will make this a nice vegetarian dish.

The next time I will try to add less chicken since I thought it was too dominating, but then again I’m not a big fan of meats so maybe it will be fine for you.

Lunch: October, 20

Another variation on a green juice.

Green Goddess Juice – now with vitamin A

In the juicer went 38g carrots, 35g spinach, 150g cucumber, 42g celery (one stalk), 40g galia melon and 4g ginger root. Threw some ice cubes and a bit of lemon juice in a glass and poured over the juice.

45g chickpeas, canned (not pictured)

A quick and simple lunch but it was exactly what I needed, at 104 kcal. (I’m aware that it’s not nearly enough – I’m struggling…)