Dinner: October, 15

Yesterday I went to something similar to a farmers market; “Torvehallerne” at Nørreport, Copenhagen that is. It was my first time since it opened a little while ago. My mother and I walked around for over an hour, just taking in all the different impressions. Though I think there was an overweight of chocolate, baked goods etc. instead of loads of fresh fruit and vegetables it was a great trip and I loved walking around in the two big halls. And the veggies are much cheaper than at the supermarket – and much much fresher! Afterwards we enjoyed a cup of coffee to-go out in the sunny weather before heading home. One of the things we bought was these huge, delicious tomatoes which I broiled in the oven for dinner.

Chickpea Salad:

40g chickpeas

37g broccoli, cooked

55g grape tomatoes

25g red bell pepper

20g green bell pepper

23g red onion

30g lettuce

served with a side of 1/2 beef tomato, broiled in the oven

Drizzled with a marinade made of mustard, white-wine vinegar, dried oregano, garlic and a little bit of no-calorie sweetener.

All this yummy-ness, at 206 kcal.

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