Breakfast: October, 18

This was seriously: christmas in a bowl. For breakfast. Enough said.

Healthy “ris a la mande” // A healthier “rice” porridge

10g five-grain mix

35g oats

scant 415 ml water

scant 1/8 tsp salt

60g soy yogurt (or any type of natural yogurt you prefer)

3/4 tsp vanilla extract

60g frozen raspberries

I cook up a batch of my five-grain oatmeal the night before as the oatmeal has to be chilled before eating. You can choose you make whatever kind of oatmeal you like.

The next morning combine your overnight oats with yogurt and vanilla extract – I also add a few drops of liquid no-calorie sweetener. Heat the raspberries with very little water in the microwave until thawed (about 90 seconds). Top the “rice pudding” with the raspberry-sauce and serve immidiately.

TIP! Sprinkling a bit (or a lot!) of cinnamon on top will take this breakfast to a whole other level.

Dessert for breakfast? I’m in! This is has almost no fat, but lots of fibers (and vitamin C thanks to the raspberries) – nothing like that normally very fatty and unhealthy ris a la mande. The recipe makes one big, filling serving for half the calories (or probably less) of real ris a la mande, at 219 kcal.

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