Lunch: October, 20

Another variation on a green juice.

Green Goddess Juice – now with vitamin A

In the juicer went 38g carrots, 35g spinach, 150g cucumber, 42g celery (one stalk), 40g galia melon and 4g ginger root. Threw some ice cubes and a bit of lemon juice in a glass and poured over the juice.

45g chickpeas, canned (not pictured)

A quick and simple lunch but it was exactly what I needed, at 104 kcal. (I’m aware that it’s not nearly enough – I’m struggling…)

2 thoughts on “Lunch: October, 20

  1. Ha I love your smoothie recipes!! I’m also one to throw in any kind of veg into a blender because I reckon it’s more exciting to drink them with other delicious ingredients and best of all, they are always nutrient packed! Now I’ll start blending chickpeas and carrots!

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