Breakfast: October, 25

Still struggling to eat and stuff so please excuse me for not updating so often at the moment. Here’s what I had for breakfast today:

Leek and Broccoli Stuffed Omelet

Leek (23g) and broccoli (36g) roasted on a pan.

Then added 1 egg and 40g egg whites (that’s what my containers hold) lightly beaten together with a bit of water and salt, pepper and thyme and cooked until done. (Do not, I repeat do not burn it like I did. It would have made a heavenly good omelet if half of it hadn’t tasted slightly burned…). Finished off by garnishing with a bit of fresh coriander leaves.

70g cucumber

100g soy yogurt with forest fruits (not pictured)

Green tea

For the first time in quite a while I was not in the mood for a bowl of breakfast, at 199 kcal.


Have now tried the same recipe but with some sliced red and green bell pepper too. And I must say it just made to omelet even yummy-er. Especially topped with sautéed mushrooms and red onion.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast: October, 25

    • It’s one of my favorite add-ins at the moment! Aha I think I’ve had it four times in a week or something like that both for lunch, breakfast and dinner – it kind of goes with everything because it’s a savory meal 🙂

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