Breakfast: October, 29

My first attempt of making ‘bircher muesli’. Can’t say it was completely succesful. Inspired by a lovely woman behind the blog ‘SmarterFitterDaily

Bircher Muesli

35g oats

1/2 tsp flax seed

5g raisins

35g carrots, shredded

30g apple, shredded

Soak over night in enough water to cover everything. Optional add lemon juice from 1 wedge (I did this in the morning). The next morning add a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon.

13g banana, sliced

Coffee (not pictured)

Though it wasn’t all succesful, it definitely filled me up, at 184 kcal.

*Optional add-ins/substitues could be: dates, dried figs or prunes, almonds or other nuts, pear, berries, pomegranate seeds. Get creative or check out Monica’s blog ‘SmarterFitterDaily‘ for tons of inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast: October, 29

  1. I feel determined to help you succeed at this. (Dig the addition of carrots, by the way – really yummy with coconut). A couple tips: go EASY on the water. Or if you want something richer, use milk instead. It should BARELY cover the oats (so that when you put the water on, a few oat bits might still be sticking out). When you look at the oats in the morning, there should be no extra water – it should all have been absorbed by the oats. Also, a small pinch of salt can really help bring out the flavours. I also notice you didn’t add any nuts or yogurt – I think one or both might make it a bit more satisfying. The nuts add texture and the yogurt makes it a bit more luxurious and creamy.

    Here’s how I’m making mine these days:

    Soak the following in barely enough water cover overnight:
    30g oats,
    5g raisins (or other dried fruit – cherries are great)
    4g flax seeds

    In the morning, mix the above together with:
    1 small grated apple or pear
    squeeze of lemon juice
    a tiny pinch of salt
    a pinch of cinnamon

    Top with:
    Banana or other tasty fruit
    Raw or toasted nuts (toasted pecans are my favourite)

    I hope you will try this again. Please let me know how it goes!

    • Wow, thanks so much for taking your time to write this to me. I really appreciate it! Will definitely try your advice. The combination of food items in bircher seems so lovely so I was really bummed (and surprised) when it didn’t work out.. You’re probably right when saying that I added too much water. Also I think especially the yogurt would make a really nice addition. Thanks again; I won’t give up! ;D

  2. No nuts, then? 🙂 I do think the tiniest pinch of salt can make a BIG difference. I will start noting the quantities of ingredients in the bircher flickrs I post for your reference. Also, you said it tasted like “cement”?? Was it sweet at all? Some people soak theirs in apple juice, but for my taste the raisins and apple give enough sweetness.

    • Oh, yes I’ll add nuts as well! Was wondering what type of nuts you prefer with bircher? I see you often use walnuts, but would almonds taste good with it as well?? Walnuts makes me a bit itchy…
      And I think I just forget to add salt, normally I would add salt if making oatmeal so I’m actually kind of wondering why I didn’t add salt to this…
      The sweetness was actually right on the mark, like you said because of the dried fruit and apples. It was more a dust-y kind of flavour. I think I fixed that by rinsing the oats though – it seems like the “dust” from the oats made it kind of muddy 🙂

      • For a long time I always used raw almonds (usually soaked with the oats the night before). I use walnuts a lot at the moment because that’s what I have. I adore toasted pecans. I’ve also used chopped brazil nuts which add an interesting flavour. Really you can use anything. Toasted flaked almonds would be yummy. =)

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