Strawberry Shortcake Stacked Oatmeal Pancakes

So now that I’ve provided you with the (in my oppinion) best pancake recipe, what to do with them? Folks, I’d like to introduce to you a breakfast of champions; The ‘Strawberry Shortcake Stacked Pancakes’. Adapted from Oh She Glows recipe. Unfortunately these doesn’t look even look remotely as mouth-wathering as Angelas batch, but nonetheless they were oh so good.


healthy oatmeal pancakes

54g fresh strawberries

87g frozen banana chunks (from a ripe banana)

40g frozen strawberries

Whip up a batch of my healthy oatmeal pancakes and bake them in a pan (this time I made them without the almonds). Transfer to a plate and cover with staniol so they’ll still be warm when all the cooking is done.

Slice up the fresh strawberries (I bet banana slices would be good as well).

In a high-speed food processor blend the frozen fruits until it has the look of ice cream or soft ice (do not add water!).

Lay out a layers of pancake and strawberries, starting with a pancake, until you run out of strawberries. Or until you decide you probably aren’t be able to eat more (in my case they were four pancakes). Instead of laying out strawberries on the last pancake top with your “ice cream” or soft serve. Enjoy!

Serves one very lucky person, at 203 kcal.

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