Breakfast: November, 11

They say your first time is special. That it should be remembered and cherrished. You’ll never get that first time back, so you better now regret. Well, I’m no virgin anymore – fig virgin, that is. Of course I’ve tried Fruit and Nut Bars with dried figs before and such, but never before have I actually eaten a fresh fig. I even had to google how to eat fresh figs! This is how my first time looked like.

Caramelized Fig Oatmeal

38g 4-grain mix

250g water

50g soy milk

a dash of salt

3/4 tsp cinnamon

3 slices of fig (36g)

I cook up the porridge the night before and added cinnamon when it has cooled of a bit.

In the morning:

Cook the fig slices on a pan until they are browned and soft (I added a bit of water and liquid sweetener). Reheat the porridge and served with the caramelized figs.

Let me say: I do not regret my first time at all! at 163 kcal.

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