Lentils for Breakfast?

Really? Lentils for breakfast? Yes! Your eyes are not playing pranks with you. I ‘accidently’ cooked double the portion of lentils I was suppose to for my dinner last night. Not wanting to waste all those lentils (because we all know that lentils cost a billion dollars! aha) I searched the internet for information on how to eat lentils for breakfast – my other meals for today were already planned. I didn’t manage to find a recipe that really spoke to me at that time but I managed to come up with my own little dish that actually turned out surprisingly good! Oh, and did I mention that lentils are packed with protein? A great food for breakfast as it will keep you full for a very long time!

Lentils and Sweet Potato Stir-fry

60g sweet potatoes

40g pre-cooked lentils (dry-weight)

18g spinach

a clove of garlic

1/2 small avocado (38g)

This dish is rather simple actually. I cooked the sweet potatoes until slightly tender.

In a small pan sauté the spinach with the crushed garlic. When the spinach start to lose volume add the potatoes and lentils and cook for a short amount of time, only until warmed throughoutly.

Remove pan from heat and mix with the avocado. Sprinkle with black pepper and ‘herb-salt’.

Serves one very lucky person, at 263 kcal.

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