Same procedure as every year..

I love christmas. No doubt there. And I love all the food blogs I’m reading. I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this but to me food blogs just gets a little boring around holidays, christmas especially. I know christmas is all about traditions, but just like the same christmas songs repeated over and over again gets a bit dull after a while so does seeing one recipe after another for gingerbread men or the danish ’peberkager’. That’s why I was so exciting when seeing a recipe for cupcakes with “brunkagekrydderi” at ’Frk. Kræsen’ and this ’Candy Cane Ice Cream’ at ’Call Me Cupcake’s blog. Now that’s something exciting! I love the idea of taking something well known and creating something new and enexpected. Well, seeing all these recipes I couldn’t help but think that they wasn’t really healthy. (And yes I am aware that most people couldn’t care less about being healthy at christmas time, but I do an actually I think more people should do so as well, but that’s a rather long discussion I don’t want to get in to… At least not in this post ;)).

So my own challenge for december is to come up with some new – or at least a little alternative christmas recipes using traditional christmas ingredients. I guess you can think of it as your very own healthy advent calendar! ❤


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