Sugar-Free Marzipan

If you haven’t tried making your own marzipan yet, I suggest you go to the kitchen to make some right now. Well, read this recipe first and then run go to your kitchen and make it. It taste so much better than store-bought + it’s all healthy, natural ingredients. If you want a traditional marzipan blanch the almonds first. I made to batches; one with blanched almonds and one with whole almonds, and to me the one with whole almonds tasted so much better – so rich in flavour, I really suggest you tried it like that..


250g almonds, with skin or blanched

5 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce (not chunky!)

1/2 tsp SØD liquid no-calorie sweetener

Grind the almonds in to almond flour in a food processor or similar.

Mix the almond flour with apple sauce and sweetener.

Store “dough” in the fridge to let it firm up, then shape in to balls, stuff some apricots or dates or whatever you’ll normally do with marzipan.


The marzipan will keep at least 14 days if stored in the fridge.

A note: photo credit goes to h0bbel for the picture as my marzipan was packed and shipped up to a friend before I remembered to take a picture..

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