Breakfast: February, 25

So back on the wagon, starting by showing you a breakfast I’ve become very fond of; yogurt with a nice, crispy apple..

240g soy yoghurt

50g apple, diced

25g seeded rye bread, sprinkled with cinnamon and toasted

I’m trying not to count calories so much, so I won’t always be posting the calorie content of my meals. I haven’t stopped counting in my head, but not writing it down is a first step for me, so please bare with me… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breakfast: February, 25

  1. Hi girl,

    When you are used to count calories all te time, it’s pretty hard to quit with it.
    I count every calorie I eat, and when I can’t write it down, I also count in my head!
    I hope one day I will stop counting. We can do that!

    Original recipe, I never thought of toasting rye bread sprinkled with cinnamon crumbled into my yogurt! It’s like last-minute granola!

    • I never thought of it as instant granola but you’re right! And it’s so so good; you should really try it out sometime. It’s also good with chopped mango and toasted nuts.

      And yes, it’s so hard to stop counting. But it’s just as hard for me not to write it down because I get really paranoid and start to think I can’t remember what I’ve eaten and then think that I’ve eaten more than I actually have… Wow, does that even make sense? Hope you understand what I mean! 😉

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