Healthy Apple Pie Bars

These bars is one of my favorite snacks at the moment. They’re sugar-free and fat free  – and they taste almost like apple pie! What more can you ask for!? I love the smell of cooked apples with cinnamon. I think this is one of the main reasons, why these bars appeal to me so much. Needless to say, I also love to eat cooked apple with cinnamon!

No, they aren’t exactly low in calorie but eat these bars and your body will love you for it – much more than if eating a fattening, not-good-for-you apple pie.

They’re best eaten straight out of the oven, but you can also reheat them or eat them cold (I store them in the fridge) – either way I will almost guarantee that you’ll love them.


2 large apples, grated

60g rolled oats

35g rye flour (any flours will do, also gluten free ones!)

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt

100g mixed nuts (I used almonds and cashews but walnuts would be good too)

80g dried fruit (I mixed dates and figs)

3 egg whites

100ml water

Mix dry ingredients, then add in the wet (egg whites + water).

Bake in a preheated oven at 180C degrees for 45 minutes. Easy peasy 😉 Cut into bars when still warm

Makes 8 bars, at 168 kcal each (depending on fruits and nuts used..)

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