Chickpeas with Roasted Vegetables + a tomato salad

I feel like I’m always neglicting this blog, but this time I actually have a real excuse! Or well, almost… I’ve started my first year at a university in another part of the country, which have meant that not only did I have to focus on starting school and get to learn my new classmates, I also had to move and start a whole new network in a city I don’t really know. But enough about that – and to what you’re really here for: the recipe!

This is a really lovely vegetarian meal I came up with last night when I was looking at a relatively empty fridge. You can sort of use any vegetables you have on hand which is what I think makes this recipe so great!


1 onion, quatered

1 aubergine, cut into chunks

2 red bell peppers, sliced

1 can chickpeas (240g cooked weight)

4 large beef tomatoes, diced

1 mozzarella (125g), diced


This one is easy; fry the vegetables in a large sauté pan until the aubergine has turned dark.

In the meanwhile cut tomatoes and mozzarella in a bowl, drizzle with oil (I use chili oil) and balsamic vinegar.

When the vegetables are almost done, add chickpeas to the pan and any seasoning of your choice (I use salt, cumin and thyme) and cook until chickpeas are throughoutly heated.

Serves two, or if you “lonely” like me you’ll have a nice lunch the day after.

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